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I want to extend a HUGE thank you for the truly ground-shaking gift you have to our refugee and local communities today. Doreen and her family were remarkable, powerful, and got our groups excited and involved in a way that no other performer, I have seen, has been able to do. It was such a gift to all of us to experience such an incredible concert; doubtless the soul of New Orleans and Mardi Gras was in the auditorium today!
Really, a huge, huge, thank you for organizing this great event.
Christian Jones
Executive Assistant
Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees
309 Genesee Street (Park Ave Entrance)
Utica NY 13501
(315) 738-1083 ext. 113
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans Volume XIX Triple Threat Series - Part II: "Blacklisted" Hate Has Made Us Great!

DJNO records
Doreen Ketchens is a soulful scat-tastic New Orleans lady armed with a clarinet that has a mind of its own. She’s corky. She’s candid. She wails on clarinet. Not many musicians/singers can reach out in a sound celebration of life and musicality that will grab you—sight unseen, pull you into a recorded jazz experience that fi lls your heart, and transport your soul to royal Street. Doreen lures you in from the fi rst note with that hauntingly masterful clarinet, only to captivate you with the charm, charisma, and sheer joy of her bubbly rich voice. She and a cast of NOLA greats, including husband Mr. Lawrence h. Ketchens II, are world-traveled ambassadors of local fl avor. requested to honor no less than four presidents with their homegrown and classically-trained signature style, Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans performs worldwide with the likes of Trombone Shorty and Ellis Marsalis. “Miss Celia’s Blues” is a mellow lead into Part II of Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans Triple Threat Series, entitled “Blacklisted” Hate Has Made Us Great! Dubbed “Queen Clarinet” and “the female Louis Armstrong,” Ketchens, along with her fellow musicians, will have you “Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay,” smiling and tappin’ your foot though there “Ain’t No Sunshine” even if you’re “Just a Gigolo,” because there’s just such a wealth of music on this CD to feel good about. The presentation is quintessentially New Orleanian, and all dat jazz. “Bill Bailey” was taped live from Jazz Fest 2012, and once this spoken/scat/ speakeasy love story starts, track nine of 10, you’ll know you’ve found a keepsake heirloom to be treasured with your best Mardi Gras beads and hidden Tabasco stash. “Big Chief” ends it all in a maelstrom of second line fever gone viral with clarinet so burningly vibrant there’s no place to escape but the Big Easy to seek out just the courtyard where the Queen herself rules. – Dionne Charlet
Doreen and her Jazz New Orleans band got nothing but love at New Orleans Jazz Fest
Published: Friday, May 04, 2012, 7:39 PM Updated: Friday, May 04, 2012, 10:13 PM
The crowd was in love with Doreen Ketchens before she could pull off the first note on her clarinet Friday afternoon at New Orleans Jazz Fest. Ten minutes before show time in Economy Hall, Ketchens could barely get through her sound check without crowd participation.
Michael DeMocker / The Times-PicayuneDoreen's Jazz New Orleans performs in the Economy Hall tent at the New Orleans Jazz Fest on Friday, May 4, 2012.
"Play it, Doreen," shouted one man in the second row.
"We love you, Doreen," shouted a gray-haired woman toward the back.
Ketchens and her Jazz New Orleans band gave the love right back, launching into a second-line-inducing set that traveled the distance between traditional jazz show, musical story time and crowd-pleasing sing-along.
Though she holds no official title, Ketchens is one of the city's cultural ambassadors. She and her band -- tuba-playing-husband Lawrence Ketchens II, trombonist Ronell Johnson, guitarist Paul Kimnetz and drummer Hurley Blanchard -- have played big and small stages, performed for four U.S. presidents and made an appearance on "Treme."
But they're most often found near the intersection of St. Peter and Royal, turning the French Quarter street corner into an open-air jazz club, and providing countless tourists with perfect Kodak moments.
Taking the show from the street to the stage on Friday, Ketchens kept things just as intimate. She started the set off with a mood-lightening version of "What a friend we have in Jesus," then kicked up the tempo with "Struttin' with some barbecue."
The crowd came out of its seats. Hands clapped. A second-line formed and dozens of smart phones snapped photos.
Three songs in, Ketchens brought up 9-year-old daughter, Dorian, to play drums, leading to the sing-along portion of the show. Admonishing the crowd to sing loud -- "You know we're broadcasting this live" -- Ketchens led a call-and-response version of "When the Saints go marching in," with Dorian keeping the pace.
"We've got the most gorgeous drummer I've ever seen," said mom as daughter took a bow.
Without slowing the pace, Ketchens and hubby Lawrence underscored the family feeling with an adorable duet of "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey," scatting, storytelling and singing on one shared microphone, arms around each other.
With her clarinet hitting its impossibly high notes, the second-line grew longer. Umbrellas reached for the tent top as a humid breeze blew through the shaded space, providing tepid relief from the afternoon heat.
With a roar of applause, Ketchens and the band took their final bow, but early on she reminded the crowd where they'll be this weekend.
"Come catch us on Royal and St. Peter," she said.
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The headlining band for the 2nd annual Dubuque Winter Jazz festival had the Grand Opera House jumping! It's not just the music. Doreen Ketchens flat out lights up a room. Her smile and quick wit complimented her superb talent on the clarinet and the wide ranging resonance of her voice that would've made Louis Armstrong proud. (Rob Kindert - Telegraph Herald, February, 2007).
A tablespoon of culture marinated in jazz: Doreen's Jazz New Orleans is the Artists in Residence. Ketchens' school performance isn't a quiet one. She has devised a way to explain the concepts of syncopation and improvisation to kindergarten through 12-graders. She holds their attention with call-and-answer refrains in songs that keep them engaged in her teaching. "That was awesome," Bauer, a 7th grader said; and Nathan Rochelle, a percussionist thought "This was amazing." (Madelin Fuerste - Telegraph Herald, February, 2007).
Hi Doreen, I just had to sit down and write you a short note to let you know what a pleasure it was for Char and I to get to see you this trip to New Orleans. If I only got to see you and Lawrence on our trips to N.O. I would be satisfied. Not only are you two great musicians but you are great people!!! I love the 2 new CD's you gave us (but then I love my whole collection of them). Your explanation of 2nd line was a nice touch. I have heard it explained before but not quite as thoroughly as you did it. Love ya, (Jim Ryan - Cowboy, October, 2006).
Doreen. Your tours were a highlight of my long career. Best wishes to you and Lawrence. Sandi. (Sandra H. Rouse - Program Officer, Cultural Programs, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - U.S. Department of State - September, 2006)
I had the privilege of hearing in concert two weeks ago in the back country of Maine, the Most exceptional New Orleans Jazz group lead by female Clarinetist Doreen M.J. Ketchens. I don't even like New orleans jazz but she was so outstanding ( the best I have heard, past present and probably future) as was her husband and the coronet player that I was speechless. (Dr. Tanya Heals - "Healing with Heart" - August, 2006)
Sweet Doreen o la seduccion de un publico Crazy por New Orleans Music Band! RETRATO PARA DOREEN KETCHENS: EL CALUROSO CARISMA DE UNA ARTISTA EN ESCENA, CON IDIOMA EXTRANJERO. (Carlos Francisco Elias - Areito News, July 2006).
Lawrence and Doreen Ketchens, are awarded a grant to participate in a program promoting understanding between the people of the USA and the people of South Africa. They were well received by the Mother City. (Paul Patin - Public Affairs, U.S. Consulate General, Cape Town, South Africa - May, 2006)
It was such a pleasure meeting the players and getting a Doreen's Jazz CD. I have been playing it - it is such a delight! I will share this copy with Jazz Radio presenter friend of mine. Your cd is about to get air played in Cape Town!!! (Dorothea Photinidis - SA distribution, Cape Town, South Africa - May, 2006).
Jazz musicians' loss is tri-state area's gain: A month ago, the U.S. Embassy in Thailand brought the band to Bangkok, Saturday night, their scaled-down, three piece band gave a great show in Hazel Green, Wis. The place was packed - and a couple dozen standees filled the aisles and lobby. The audience was treated to New Orleans-style jazz by Ketchens, who has been described as a "female Louis Armstrong." All in all it was a fun evening. (Madelin Fuerste - Telegraph Herald, January, 2006).
Ketchens earns high praise: There's no shortage of praise coming from local music teachers when it comes to Doreen Ketchens. She is receiving rave reviews from teachers for the knowledge she's imparting to Dubuque students. (Madelin Fuerste - Telegraph Herald, January, 2006).
"From a musical standpoint, she's on a mission from God." (Bill Rowley, director of bands, Dubuque Senior High School).
They were brought back by popular demand. Closing night was "Queen Clarinet" (Doreen Ketchens), back also, by popular demand for the third year. A massive and enthusiastic audience nearly packed the park. The "Queen" and her New Orleans band took charge and had almost everyone in Forsyth Park taking part in a rhythmic trance. (Coastal Jazz Association news letter August, 2004).
-The intense and high spirited performance of Doreen's Jazz New Orleans had all those in attendance overwhelmed. (Globe & Mail/Canada February 2004)
-Doreen's Jazz is the best of New Orleans! (Southern Living Magazine February 2004).
-Walk Down Royal or Decatur. The cadence of your steps will adopt a new rhythm. (Southern Living Magazine, February 2004)
-Ketchens infuses traditional jazz with touches of soul, blues and classic R&B. Her charismatic, high-energy performances have delighted audiences around the world. (Savannah Morning News, September 2004)
-It's been a while since I've heard a true Clarinet sound like that of Doreen Ketchens. Her virtuosity makes it seem so easy to hit those high notes. It's no wonder why they call her "Queen Clarinet."
(Dallas Morning News, September 2004)
-I was just walking down Decatur St. and noticed a simple sign pointing down an alley to a performance. I stopped in and was blown away by the energy and excellence coming from the stage. The group, Doreen's Jazz New Orleans, was the highlight of my afternoon and my trip to the Big Easy. (February 2005 - The Australian)
-Who knew you could bring Bourbon Street to The Magnificent Mile? No audience can sit still when Doreen's Jazz New Orleans comes up to bat! Even the shy ones were compelled to get up and shout. (Chicago Tribune July 2004)
-The echo of the crowd shocked everyone when they shouted at the beginning of the 2nd line. First there was LOUD, then there was silence. Then there was LOUD again, and another moment of silence. I was warm inside and shouting with everyone else! It was a fantastic performance! (Die Presse/Austria 2004)
Schensul, Jill "The Big Easy Some buy". Travel, The Philadelphia Inquirer: pg. A sec. M, April 13, 2003.
Doreen Ketchens, wailing on her clarinet, is among the accomplished street musicians who make New Orleans one big outdoor concert venue. You could just hang out in Jackson Square and wait for Doreen and her band to come out and wail.
Schensul, Jill "Over Easy". Travel, The Buffalo News: pg. 1 and G4.April 6, 2003
Doreen's holding onto a high, steady squeal, eyes shut tight as the sweat rolls over them, and even Madame Laura, the palm and tarot card reader, looks up. Hot jazz. A little bit of everything, and altogether, it works. Kind of like its birthplace, New Orleans.
McGaughran, Joe - New JerseyJan. 22, 2002
I've heard Dixieland and some of that great old stuff but it was a real trip to see and hear it all live. For example, those old clarinet solos sound great on my scratchy records, but when I heard that first clarinet solo bust out with a screamin high note, the rippin licks, and that great clarinet vibrato, I knew I was blessed by being able to hear the real deal.
Associated Press. "Easy does it". Travel Section E pg. 1 Feb. 10, 2002
Clarinetist Doreen Ketchens has a good laugh as she and other musicians pay for a crowd in Jackson Square.
Mack, James Jonesboro, AR USA jimmymack@cox-internet.com March 10, 2002
Doreen and band, I have been to New Orleans a lot over the last 25 years and I have never enjoyed music or a show as much as I have you guys playing at Jackson Square. WOW! I always looked forward to seeing/hearing Pete Fountain and I finally did, BUT, I was much more impressed with you and I really appreciate the fact that anyone can enjoy your show.
Kleniewski, Richard "Dunnville, On Canada" rgkesq@usa.net Jan. 1, 2002
Went to New Orleans for a vacation in Oct of 2001 had a great time. Heard you play at Jackson Square and thought that you were magnificent bought several of your CD'S and have played them all the time. An experience that I will never forget. You give jazz a name that will last a lifetime.Uttlinger, Peter T. - Lufthansa In Flight Magazine: Cover
April 1996
Southern Comfort, you gotta love those Dixie Rhythms from Doreen and her band. New Orleans' French Quarter is a buzz with these wonderful musicians attracting tourists and locals alike.
Collins, Rich Swell, "Dixieland Phat" Gambit Magazine
July 25, 1995
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans was pummeling it's crowd with aggressive, high-octane traditional jazz the likes of which you'd never see in Preservation Hall. She stood center stage laughing and smiling like Louie in a Dress while belting out lyrics like she'd never sung them before. She puffed into her clarinet with the same intensity that Eddie Van Halen devotes to his electric guitar. Doreen was doing Dixieland phat - and the tourist-heavy crowd was eating it up. Ten minutes into her big finale, handkerchiefs were twirling, feet were shuffling, hay was flying and musical subtlety went the way of the jazz purists who ran to the safety of Economy Hall.
This new-generation jazzer plays her clarinet like an electric guitar and sings like a caffeine-stoked Louis Armstrong. -R.C.
Yang, David "Hsieh Nien Fan Celebration" The China Post pg. 6
Fan. 25, 1994
The very talented Doreen's Jazz New Orleans's band provided (excellent) entertainment for guests of AmCham's Hsieh Nien Fan banquet 1994.
"Storchenbruggli with Jazz of New Orleans" Bezirk Dielsdorf
June 11, 1991
Fantastic music from Louisiana opened the Storchenbruggli Bridge to make for a very jazzy afternoon.
Schwaiger, Andreas "Auftreten - aber wo?" September 13, 1991
This is excellent and authentic New Orleans Jazz


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