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Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans

Dorren has been honored by The Best of the Beat Awards as best clarinetist for 2016

Doreen's Jazz brings the best of New Orleans to every performance. This group travels the world giving exceptional presentations that tingle the senses with the many flavors of Traditional Jazz. In addition to standard concerts, we are loved for our unique religious services, weddings and funerals. Many of our tours include workshops in schools for students, (pre-school to college Doreen’s Jazz is experienced at putting on shows that make the audience go crazy with excitement. We not only entertain but also educate through music; the rich, historic and diverse culture of New Orleans.

We have received rave reviews from newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs such as: HBO, VH1, PBS, BET & MTV, which tell of the many delightful surprises in each and every one of our performances. Michael DeMocker / The Times-Picayune wrote: Ketchens and her Jazz New Orleans band gave the love right back, launching into a second-line-inducing set that traveled the distance between traditional jazz show, musical story time and crowd-pleasing sing-along.

Be it Traditional Jazz, Gospel, Blues or Oldies Soul; Doreen’s Jazz is a versatile group who has performed in many places around the world. We have entertained millions of people including Dignitaries and Royalty.

Check out this article and video of Doreen and her band in the French Quarter

We have also worked through Jazz At Lincoln Center and The US Department of State, teaching the traditions of New Orleans Jazz to children and adults alike, in schools and universities from The United States and Asia to Africa. We have also performed with Ambassador’s and other Dignitaries to the United States while on tour. Our concerts are full of wonderful music and fun. "Shucks, you’ll even learn something." . Upon request, we could also give a sampling of some good old New Orleans style Creole cookin’

Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans has represented New Orleans and the United States around the world, performing in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, South America, Russia and the United States. They have performed for four United States presidents, including Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. The band also boasts 23 volumes of CD’s and 3 DVD’s.
In addition to being superb performers, Doreen and Lawrence are outstanding educators. They regularly perform in schools around the world, educating students of all languages, spreading the culture and music of New Orleans.

Our newest addition, Miss Dorian Ketchens-Dixon is a very talented drummer. She premiered her talents at age four during the Sioux Falls, SD Jazz Festival where she received a standing ovation. She has since that time, toured the United States and many parts of the world as the drummer for Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans. She is also featured on 6 volumes of Doreen’s Jazz CDs including our latest: “Dorian Did Dat Again!”
Critics have raved about Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans for decades. After their performance for the Dubuque Winter Festival, Rob Kindert from the Telegraph Herald wrote, “The headlining band for the 2nd annual Dubuque Winter Jazz festival had the Grand Opera House jumping! It’s not just the music. Doreen Ketchens flat out lights up a room. Her smile and quick wit complimented her superb talent on the clarinet and the wide ranging resonance of her voice that would’ve made Louis Armstrong proud.” It is almost impossible to sit through a performance of Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans without moving in your seat, shouting, clapping, or tapping your feet. You can also bet on Doreen making you slap your thigh laughing at many points during the performance.

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